How long does it take to clean the air duct system thoroughly? Have you cleaned it enough? Find the answers to your questions here.

Answers to questions commonly asked about air ducts and related topics. Learn how to properly care for your ductwork here.

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It is never too late to expand your knowledge on air ducts and the importance of their cleaning and upkeep. Do this easily and quickly with the help of this FAQ page. It contains important questions and the detailed answers to them. Use it now and keep coming back for more.

Find out more about air duct cleaning and proper maintenance with the help of this dedicated FAQ page.

What do you do after your air duct has just been cleaned?

You make sure that the cleaning done is sufficient and to your liking. Perform a visual inspection of the grills, grates, the HVAC ducts and the other parts of your ventilation system. There should be no trace of dust or debris.

Does air duct cleaning negatively affect your air conditioner’s performance?

Ideally, no. Our professional air duct cleaning service companies utilize years worth of experience and training to ensure a clean ventilation system without affecting the key components of your set up. As such, if you hire our specialists, air duct cleaning will even optimize the performance of your AC unit.

What parts of the ventilation system are usually cleaned?

Thorough cleaning requires that your coil drain pan, humidifier, combustion chamber, and blower blades are dust-free and grime proof. The coil fins and the sides of the cooling oil should also be free from dirt so that the quality of air in your home or office space will not cause illnesses caused by airborne contaminants.

What are the signs of air duct sealing damage?

Usually, you will have to adjust the heating unit or the air conditioner to a higher setting in order to get the required indoor temperature. You might also receive a higher than the normal energy bill at the end of the month. The level of dust inside the rooms may be higher because of contaminant entering the system.

How do I prepare a schedule for dryer vent cleaning?

There are many factors which determine how quickly lint gets built up inside the vent. The list includes vent size, make and design. Shorter and greatly twisted vents made of plastic and foil need to be cleaned more frequently compared to straight ones made of metal. You should also consider how often you use the dryer. Generally, if the unit gets very hot while working, cleaning is required right away.

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