Care to know some basic tips about air duct and HVAC maintenance? You will find the best ones here below

Do you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to air ducts? Take a look at the tips below and discover some great suggestions about ways to keep ducts in good condition for avoiding problems with dryer vents. You will find them easy to follow and very helpful

Take a decisive step towards a safer and more pleasant home environment by using the following air duct cleaning tips.

Is the laundry giving off an odd smell after using the dryer? It might be your dryer duct. Learn all about the importance of cleaning your air ducts, dryer duct and the exhaust hood in the kitchen and the best ways and methods to do it! Read all about it and more in the tips below.

Confirm that all drain pans of the HVAC system have the right direction

The pans have to slope towards the drain. Otherwise, water can get into the main units and other components of the system. Even if the amount of water is small, it can still cause serious damage, rust and mold growth. Pans which are in poor condition have to be fixed or replaced.

Don't use the dryer without cleaning the vents

Every time you use the dryer, there is some lint that’s left behind from the clothes. After repeated cycles, lint starts accumulating in the dryer vents and the appliance starts suffocating. If you notice that it is overheated, the cycle takes long or the clothes come out hot but not dried, cleaning the dryer vents should be a top priority. This is for your own protection according to our specialists.

There should be at least four feet of free room above the outdoor HVAC unit

This will allow it to release exhaust air effectively and keep the entire system energy-efficient. It is a mistake to plant trees nearby and have their crown block the air flow. Besides, leaves can clog the coils. Similarly, vines and similar plants should not rest above the unit as they cause blockage.

Use a better air filter to keep the results of air duct cleaning for longer

A filter with a higher MERV rating will trap more particles including the smallest ones. It is best to replace it once the cleaning work has been completed. It is up to you to decide whether to use a disposable or permanent filter. The key thing is to replace it or clean it as often as the manufacturer recommends.

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